The demonstrative pronouns in Spanish grammar are este, ese and aque which also have a feminine and plural form. We use demonstratives a person, animal or thing and its distance from the speaker. Learn about demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in Spanish grammar online with Lingolia. Then put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises.


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Esa har angett 1 jobb i sin profil. Se hela profilen Spanish. Grundläggande kunskaper  Holla a todos. En esa frase: Pero una de las pegas que tiene el iPod es que es pequeño, es." a palabra "pegas" significa surpresas que no son buenas? - 6 dec. 2019 — Firstly, I would like to thank our Spanish hosts for having us here in of ESA and strengthening the relations with my fellow space ministers.

Esa in spanish

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that pronoun. que, eso, cual, aquello, ése. that one pronoun. ese 3 (esa ésa), ése PRON dem The Real Academia Española recommends the form without the written accent in all cases Send us feedback 1. ese usually indicates disapproval when used to refer to a person usually indicates disapproval when used to refer to a person : esa {adjective} Esa es mi opinión y, en el futuro, esa es la opinión que defenderé.

cómo mola esa moto! = that bike is really cool!. Den Spanska att Engelska ordlista online. Översättningar Spanska-Engelska. Över 400000 Engelska.

Using ese, esa, esos, esas to say that/those (demonstrative adjectives) To express that/those + [noun] in Spanish, you use the following demonstrative adjectives: ese, esa, esos, esas + [noun]. Like in English ( that ), you use these to talk about something or someone that is close to the listener, not the speaker. Ese perro ladra mucho. “Esa” is used when expressing a female noun.

"Esa" is Spanish for "that [female]." For the most part you can use "esa" the same way that "that" is used as an adjective/pronoun in English, just that the object being described has to be female.

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ésas Pronoun. Translate "ésas" to English: those. Spanish  Let's review demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in Spanish, including Esa estatua es griega. Spanish has three words where English only has two.
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Esa in spanish

English Translation. that. More meanings for ésa.

esta ciudad. 23. Mi mamá elige esa farmacia.
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esa (also: aquellos, ese, esos, esas) that {adj.} Esa es mi opinión y, en el futuro, esa es la opinión que defenderé. That is the line that I have taken and, in the future, that is the line that I will defend. Ésa es …

In English we only have 2: near and far.